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Huge Music Selection to Choose From

We have a large music library consisting of over 15,000 songs, way more than you will ever need. We also have a large Karaoke selection and a largely growing Music Video collection. Through professional subscriptions & monitoring of what’s hot on the radio, we are dedicated to keeping the latest dance hits available, as well as the classic dance songs that have been keeping generations dancing & moving. Our song database consists of all varieties of genres and is 100% legal. Clients can make their own custom play lists with our Online Music Database, and even create a special password for your trusted party planners to aid in music selection.CHECK IT OUT HERE. Once you are a confirmed client, you will then be able to save your play list. And if we don’t currently have a song that you will want, don’t worry, we’ll get it for you at no additional cost to you!

Only Professional DJ, Sound & Light Equipment

The proper equipment is important for sound and reliability. Unfortunately you’ll find many DJ companies that focus entirely too much on equipment and forget about the more important factor….the DJ Entertainer. And some mis-educate clients, convincing them that the biggest light show, or largest speakers are what’s important. You’ll notice that we aren’t going to go into too detailed description of our equipment. We think you’ll be more than impressed with our Sound & Lighting equipment, but that is not our main selling strategy. We find that focusing on personal service and training is a much better approach. Oh, and for the record, we use only Professional Grade sound & lighting equipment from manufacturers like JBL Professional Series, EV, Denon, Rane, Chauvet, Elation & American DJ.

Whether you are just trying to save money on your wedding or party by just using your iPod® or MP3 player, or if your needs just don’t warrant a full DJ package, we can help. Below you’ll find a general outline of options, but we can better assist you once we know your exact needs.

Rental Equipment for Weddings & Ceremonies
The truth is we don’t recommend the “do-it-yourself” for your wedding, but we’ll gladly assist you if you choose to go that route. We have systems setup for the “do-it-yourself” weddings and ceremonies that include the same professional grade equipment and technology that our packages include, only a little more user friendly.

Rental Equipment for Birthdays, Grad Parties, Etc.
Want to add pizzazz to your party but don’t want a full DJ Entertainer package. WE CAN HELP!!! The following options are available for rental:

Video System Rentals
Whether a private function, or a corporate function, we can help you with your A/V needs. From small TV Monitors to medium and large Projection Systems, to gigantic 15′ Projection Systems, we can help you. Most rentals include delivery, setup and teardown.