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Game Shows on TV seem to be just as popular as they were

way back when we were all kids. Bring that energy and fun
to your next event with our Live Game Show Experience.
And why do we call it that? Because it’s truly an experience
for you and your attendees!

We currently have two different PROFESSIONAL Game Show
Systems that we use for our programs.

Our Primary Game Show Experience System utilizes the stand
up 4 player units with built in buzzer, microphones and scoring
screen. This can accommodate 4 players at a time, or double it
with 8 players in 2 person teams. Our Professional Game Show
Host reads from a variety of pre-formatted questions, or those
that you’ve help to prepare to further customize the fun. Our
DigiGames Wireless system can accommodate up to 10 players
or 10 teams at the same time. Questions are computer based
depending on the game and can be customized to fit your
theme as well. This system also has the optional enhancement
to provide the game and questions visually on a large screen to
really enhance the fun.

Our Game Show Hosts are experienced and well trained
and bring a fun energy to the event. Live Game Show
Experience is perfect for: