Meet Us Now!

Let’s start by reassuring you that we are registered & insured. You would be surprised by how many DJ companies/entertainers are not!

Q. Why don’t you have your prices on your website?

A. A big part of our tradition is personal service. Our website is designed as a tool to outline the
services that we have available. Although most services fit within our packages, it’s important to get an idea of entertainments needs before confirming pricing. We don’t require you to meet first, but we do require you to contact us with a bit of information. We’ve provided easy ways to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Q. What is included in your services?

A. The answer really depends on what your needs and type of services you are looking for. Each type of event has it’s different needs. We have a large variety of options to make the most of your event. Most general needs are covered in our packages, with special customizations available to fill just about any need.

Q. How long do we have our DJ Entertainer for our event & home much is it for extra time?

A. Generally you will have your DJ Entertainer for 6-8 hours for wedding depending on package and needs (1-2 cocktail, 1-2 dinner & up to 4 hours of dance). Corporate or Private Events generally run 3-6 hours. Unless arranged otherwise, ALL shows run up until midnight at the latest. Additional time or after midnight can be arranged for a fee. Contact us to find out more.

Q. How far do you guys travel?

A. In reality we will travel just about anyway, but it will cost you of course. Our primary service area is the Twin Cities Metro Area, but we also cover more out state Minnesota & Western Wisconsin. Travel range is generally up to 70 miles from Blaine, MN. If Travel Fees apply, then they MAY include mileage, hotel charge or both. Discuss in more detail with your sales consultant to confirm.

Q. How do you guys handle requests?

A. The simple answer is: openly. Clients make their requests through our online database and Deluxe Online Planning Tools. We also encourage our clients to allow requests from the guests. This allows the guests to feel involved, while allowing us to get an idea of their musical likes. Then we mix your preferences with what we know works, fill the holes with guest requests and we’ve got a recipe for musical success.

Q. What if you don’t have a song we want?

A. Just let us know ahead of time and, in most cases, we can get the song for you, at no additional cost to you. And if for some reason we can’t, we’ll let you know in case you happen to have it. We just ask that you give us as much advanced notice as possible and that any music you provide is obtained legally.

Q. Are we supposed to tip our DJ Entertainer(s)?

A. Recently we put an automatic gratuity policy in effect. Both as an industry standard for wedding service vendors, and as a convenience for our clients, contractually we add 18% gratuity to your final invoice. We split that gratuity up properly with a percentage going to your planning consultant and the rest going to your DJ Entertainment Team.